Raison d’être

Why We Do It

As a team we all enjoy design for different reasons. We think that it is these differences that have given us a unique take on design and have given us our distinct Chez Koop style. One of our favourite parts of the business is the relationship we have with clients. Its what makes this job fun. We try to stay humble and focus on what we’re good at. We choose to stay away from the gobbeldygook and buzz words that really just try to make us sound important. Branding is often a very personal part of your business. We want to get to know our clients, understand your needs, and use that to create what you want. We want you to feel comfortable in our digs and comfortable sharing your opinion and hearing ours. Small and medium-sized businesses need someone they can call when they need help with their brand, and we want to be that someone. We’re all a little quirky, and we like it that way. We listen to loud dance music (and a lot of Coldplay), we have our own Chez Koop dialect, drink way too much espresso, and definitely try to laugh daily. We love what we do and we want our clients to love what we have designed for them.

What We Do


Original and unique logo designs.

Business Packages

Cohesive business packages that are on-brand including letterhead, business cards, and proposals.


Responsive and custom website designs.


Advertising packages that are consistent with your company’s brand and messaging
including advertisements, brochures, flyers, catalogues, posters, and magazines.

Digital Printing

We can produce almost anything we create in print and take pride in the quality of our product.