As you may have noticed, or will hopefully notice in the future, we have recently overhauled our accounting system. It was a difficult process but we are already seeing positive results with the switch. Not only can we invoice more quickly and accurately, we are literally saving hours of our week. Some of the advantages you will see include:

  • A more organized approach to invoicing
  • More timely invoices on completed projects
  • More accurate descriptions
  • Better follow up on overdue invoices (okay that might be a benefit to us)
  • Access to all invoices paid and unpaid by your company in the “Invoice Hub”
  • Ability to modify an existing invoice more easily
  • Better tracking on printing (type of paper used, quantity on repeat jobs)

When we set out to choose a new software program, there were many different companies to choose from – all effectively did the same thing. While price was certainly a consideration, there was also two other important considerations. First, ease of use was crucially important. I like to design – not manage the books. Many programs like to use terms and descriptions that only an accountant would understand. Not my best. We have tried to build our business on “saying it how it is” and being true to ourselves. Language is an important part of that. Second, and I would suggest that we were not aware we were looking for this quality, was a healthy dose of fun in creating the software. We came across Less Accounting and I immediately thought, “I like these guys.” They take the same approach we do. It’s work and it has to be done but why not have fun doing it. Spend some time on their website, and you will understand what I mean. Whether it is the video with one of the owners’ wearing a Star Wars t-shirt or the little hilarious comments embedded in the automated correspondence, it feels like we could be working there. Add in the amazing customer service, needless to say we feel great about using Less Accounting.

This morning I received their weekly email newsletter, and thought I would share it with you. It’s a good read. I could very easily change the company name to Chez Koop and sign it myself. It is exactly how we try to run our business. Remember that zany ideas, quirky ideas and a customer response of “I can’t believe they did that” while stifling a chuckle or guffaw are memorable, effective, funny and a cool way to market a business. That’s who we are and that’s who Less Accounting is.

So the next time you get an invoice from us, pay it quickly and know that we are not the only ones who don’t take ourselves too seriously, love what we do, and are trying to make your life easier while doing it. Word up!

– Chris