Due to the two inches of rain that has fallen in southeastern Manitoba, we have decided to celebrate Annie Lennox Day (here comes the rain again). Would i lie to you? Nope. Here is hoping for some sun tomorrow to try out the new highly rated G15 Ping driver…it was between that one and the R11 (all white) but after exhaustive testing (even though i love the white colour – simple, clever, cool) i opted for the ping. here’s hoping the golf game returns…as my design work has suffered as i climb out of this dark hole or sinister valley known as my golf game. really, i can actually repeat a shank swing. true story. at pine ridge playing golf….65 yard chip shot…shank into the water. drop another ball and the logo’d chez koop ball with lionel richie’s face on it was again shanked to a watery grave but it landed in the exact epicentre of the first shank. they say golf is all about a repeatable swing (like in a design we talk of the importance of a repeatable element). i don’t think this is what they meant. it would be like designing with a brochure with comic sans as your repeating element. not cool.