It is cool to care! Soon, Chez Koop will be launching a new program called “It’s Cool to Care”. Here’s how it works… I drop off a coffee or something totally spontaneously kind. Accompanying this “gift” of thoughtfulness (could simply be an encouraging word fyi…) is a card with a login to the Chez Koop website…here I ask you to login and explain the act of kindness by documenting it on the website. The expectation is that you will pay it forward and the next person, who received some gift of kindness will do the same as you pass on the card to them! Then we can can document people being nice to each other. How far will it go? How cool is that. Stay posted…you might be chosen! More deets to follow! Why? Cause treating friends/clients with respect is just plain cool! And that’s how we roll at Chez Koop!