(Translation: The Chez Koop Summit 2.0)

Several weeks ago, the Chez Koop team (minus Michelle) set out on the annual Chez Koop summit. This year the summit was held in Montreal, Quebec. We had a great three days exploring Montreal. Highlights include:

  • Poutine (see image below) at the famous La Banquise restaurant (with a 30 minute wait in -30 degrees celsius)
  • Montreal smoked meat sandwiches at the iconic Schwartz’s Deli (where Adrian was physically attracted to the actual sandwich – don’t ask)
  • Labatt’s 50 (the Champagne of Ales) on TAP!
  • other “average” craft beer at Vices et Versa and Dieu du Ciel (including some sour beer – really? apparently it was very good unlike my taste according to the resident beer snob)
  • the hottest, spiciest Indian dish my body has ever encountered which resulted in a full body sweat (viva the vindaloo)
  • great bagels at the Fairmont Bakery
  • a religious experience at the Notre Dame Basilica (we missed the rave)
  • discovery of Uber (we looked out for Andrea – no worries)
  • hummus that was actually good at Art BRGR
  • various episodes of balance loss

We also had a very candid round table (well the table wasn’t technically round and was actually a coffee table) about areas in which we need to improve. I really feel this annual “retreat” allows us to regroup, refocus and reenergize. We had a great year  with lots of changes (new website, new accounting system, new responsibilities, new clients  – which we refer to internally  as getting “newed”) but with growth comes certain challenges. We need to continue to provide great customer service while maintaining our creative edge. We don’t think we have it all figured out. But after a few days of discussing areas that we need to improve in (and areas we have crushed), we are back at it with  a renewed focus to design cool stuff while providing a client experience that is awesome. Word Up. C’est formidable.