PRESS RELEASE (for immediate release)
August 7, 2015

The Chez Koop Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Buck Hornsby, B.A. Natural Sciences, HR, to our esteemed team. Buck will be heading up our newly formed Human Resources division. Please read his bio below or view his profile here

Buck Hornsby has been with Chez Koop for over two years. Before establishing the HR Department at Chez Koop, Buck was instrumental in creating a human resource program at Deer Lodge in Winnipeg and previous to that Buck was a part of a very successful boy band called “Chasing Whitetail”. Whether it is employees fawning over one another inappropriately or workplace health and safety (particularly the enforcement of no hunting zones within the workplace environment) , Buck is always monitoring our day to day operations. His presence is like a larger “fly on the wall”. In his spare time, he authors a syndicated relationship column across North America entitled “Deer Buck” where he provides relationship advice and counselling. A Vegan, he enjoys long walks in the forest, Olympic trampolining and four legged races.