Arctic Kingdom

Very cold. Very cool.

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Bringing your Arctic dreams to life. That’s the mission of Arctic Kingdom, a pioneer in Arctic Travel since 1999. From intimate wildlife encounters to expeditions through the pristine wilderness, this Toronto-based company welcomes thousands of people to the Canadian Arctic and continues to craft legendary trips for the most discerning adventurers.

Getting to build out their Arctic Travel Guide is one of our favourite projects each year. As you can imagine, Arctic Kingdom has some of the most unbelievable photography you have ever seen. Close-up shots of the amazing polar bear, a hot air balloon floating above towering icebergs and glimpses of the majestic narwhal as it swims past an underwater diver are just a few of the amazing visuals we get to work with. This makes designing their stuff so much fun, and we always look forward to working on their projects.

Whether we need a full catalogue or simple ad, I know Chez Koop will produce high-quality work no matter the project or timeline. When we decided to upgrade our look for a high-end feel, Koop was genius behind the brand refresh – a new look that continues to get compliments from our clients and partners. I can always count on Koop to keep our materials on-brand and done on deadline. Plus, they always seem to make our Arctic photography pop to help us showcase the beauty of this special place on earth.