Bingeworthy design for television.


Fadoo Productions is a multi-platform media company specializing in documentary and series production located in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 2012, the goal of Fadoo is to tell meaningful stories that resonate with a passionate audience in both sports and music.

We are often tasked with creating show proposals which are used to help pitch documentary or series ideas to prospective networks. Several of these proposals have translated to network shows that have been produced by Fadoo. We also have created graphics for several projects including poster design and lower third titling. On screen credits include documentary series On the Edge, Draft Year, 1992 Blue Jays Documentary on Sportnet. Recently, a movie poster we designed, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Stanley Cup, was released nationwide in selected Cineplex theatres.

Here is the deal...Chez Koop gives us an edge when pitching new shows. Highly creative and engaging design allow the decision makers to "see" the concept instead of simply reading it. Their design visually tells the story of the show we are presenting and allows us to be more effective in our pitch.