Heroes in our Midst

The power inside the heart. The human behind the story.

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Heroes in our Midst is a podcast created by Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, a renowned Sports Psychologist who has worked with countless Olympic athletes and teams, along with Donna Harris and Olympian Michelle Sawatzky (@michelle.sawatzky). They feature stories that tell about the power inside the heart, the human behind the story, and the collection of idiosyncrasies that both make us unique and bond us together through a common humanity. We were tasked with branding the podcast as well as their social media presence, press releases and other collateral. The logo tells the story of these heroes hearts - the icon representing a heart beat, sound waves (podcast) while emphasizing visually the “h” and “m” of the podcast name. Heroes walk among us; they are in our midst everyday. At Heroes in Our Midst we find them, we celebrate them, and we learn from them. Check out the episodes on Spotify.