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Exclusive, unavoidable and interactive media.

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People need to eat. People need to buy groceries. People wait in line to pay for groceries. Enter RMG - Retail Media Group in Calgary. Using the grocery store as the basis of their product line, RMG offers AdBars, AdTrays (self checkout) and AdCap advertising opportunities across Canada. We were tasked with creating a new concept for their sales materials as well as a complete redesign of their website. We also design concepts for grocery line dividers (adbars) for RMG. In fact, next time you pick up a grocery divider, it may have been designed by us. Bon Appétit!

Chez Koop did a fantastic job with our new Retail Media website and we’ve had very positive feedback. From start to finish, Koop helped us make decisions about our menus and presentation of our content. They elevated every design idea we had and delivered exactly what we were looking for. We will surely work with them again next time.