Winner. Winner. Chicken (Wings) Dinner.

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We are proud to have a long-standing relationship with ten Smitty’s restaurants in Manitoba. From lounge menus to video promotions, print ads to special event designs, we provide a variety of creative to support their marketing goals. Working with the restaurant’s owners, Brian (Captain Chaos) and Chris (So Hot Right Now), is always a pleasure. And their wings… don’t get us started! And we never use any free wing vouchers in the unlikely case of a print overrun… just to be clear!

Working with the gang at Chez Koop is always awesome. Even with tight deadlines, they always deliver. In fact, our national office has incorporated some of their design ideas into national promotions. Aside from the fact they seem to have access to free wing coupons at an alarming rate, we appreciate their level of customer service - something we take seriously in our industry.