The end of June brought with it bad news. Plans for the Steinbach Performing Arts Centre were terminated by city council. It is a sad development for a project we were personally invested in. We donated the construction of a website detailing the project along with common questions and concerns people had with the new centre. While this is a setback, we are of the belief that this community needs a performing arts centre and the proverbial “phoenix will rise form the ashes”. Chez Koop will be there to support whatever new plans are proposed. Today, we posted the Steinbach Arts Council’s response to this controversial and in my opinion, short sighted decision. A big thanks to the SAC for their tireless work on this project. We are confident that something will get done in the future and we will be on board supporting the arts in our community.

Note: This site also represented the work of one of our newest employees – Tylor Reimer. He is an uber talented web developer, graphic designer and photographer – a true triple threat!

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