Chez Koop has long had a history with football. Lucky enough to attend the last two World Cups, the company had considered some type of sponsorship. Inquiries were made to sponsor FC Barcelona. Unfortunately, talks broke down during the eleventh hour. Interestingly, Neymar (known as Chezmar to our staff) was so upset with the failed negotiations that he threatened to quit the club. A close personal friend, Koop convinced him to stay. With that opportunity lost, we set our sights on another professional franchise.

We are proud to announce our sponsorship, complete with custom jerseys, of the Hanover Kickers U12 team, the Chez Koop Vipers. Please contact us for complimentary tickets as we have access to a luxury box as part of our exclusive sponsorship.



UPDATE: March 29, 2014!
Chez Koop Vipers finish second in their inaugural season in the WYSA Indoor Soccer League – awesome job guys. Proud of you punks rocking the Chez Koop logo! Represent!