Andrea or “Javs” as she is affectionately known, effectively runs the show. She is our wily, cagey veteran and our longest serving employee. We needed someone clever to round out the company mantra as the guys cover off simple and in their own minds, cool. In addition to her mad design skills, she also loves shopping for slacks. She seems to have a real penchant for “bossy pants” as she tells everyone what to do. But, technically, wearing her many hats – one being office manager, that is her job so no one is complaining (though at this time protocol dictates that all HR issues run through Koop who tends to be the source of all complaints). One of the most conscientious, kind, and hardest working people you’ll ever meet, Javs brings rugged, hipster sunshine to the office on the cloudiest of days. She is exceptional at managing large projects, creating many of our longer form layouts and has a great eye for sports design – an important part of our business. When she’s not cyber-stalking Eli Manning (now retired – not sure of the celeb crush at this point) or Rory Mcilroy, she loves to travel and has been all over the world. And if you’re late on an invoice… the wrath of Javs may find it’s way to your inbox.

Favourite Beverage: Gin & Soda
Favourite Athlete: Eli Manning
Favourite Celebrity: Tom Hanks
Favourite Movie: The Birdcage
Favourite Band: Bruno Mars