“Koop” is blitzkrieg of energy and enthusiasm. After teaching graphic design in high school for ten years, he decided to pursue business (and golf) on his own. Chez Koop has been a labour of love (officially) since 2009. A complex and particular (well fussy actually) individual, he loves designing cool stuff and not taking himself too seriously (because nobody else does). Koop takes pride in his ability to develop design concepts quickly, dance and provide great customer service to our clients. He loves to travel and has visited 53 countries. Wickedly good looking and a great sense of humour (according to him) defined his university years, however male pattern baldness, love handles and some winter weight have taken the shine off what was once a promising existence. However, he is still the funniest guy he knows. Koop now is told what to do by both his wife (ridiculously hot) and Cherry (ridiculously hip). He is not willing to talk about his tatoo and wonders why anyone would choose rice over potato.

Favourite Beverage: Manhattan
Favourite Athlete: Justin Jefferson
Favourite Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow
Favourite Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums
Favourite Band: Coldplay