Tylor brings a wealth of design experience to the Chez Koop team. Equally adept at design as well as website development, Tylor’s love of plaid influences everything he does. And if considering purchasing any plaid item for him as a gratuity or gift, ensure that the pattern is not too big. He loves to travel and is an exceptional photographer (check out his Instagram feed @tylorreimer). Happily married and a father, Tylor brings a chill groove to the office with his understated coolness. A casual guitar player, he never plays the same song twice and requires at least a five hour window before hearing the same song being re-played. He is an avid cyclist and loves the outdoors. He is known in the area for his incredible head of hair – his raven locks are often the talk after any client meeting. But most importantly, he is a dedicated husband and amazing father to his two young children.

Favourite Beverage: Old Fashioned
Favourite Athlete: Teemu Selänne
Favourite Celebrity: Benedict Cumberbatch
Favourite Movie: The Lord of the Rings