The past couple of weeks have been tremendously exciting as both our local high school boys football and volleyball teams advanced to the Provincial Finals. Our football team lost in the final (but was expected to even be there) and our volleyball team, entering the provincial tournament ranked 4th prevailed and won our first ever AAAA championship. Chez Koop is very proud to have been sponsors for both teams, making game day programs for each squad. I am very proud to support our local amateur sports teams (and realize that a slick program is no precursor for success – but it does look cool!)

There have been some rumors circulating that Sabreman, who made an appearance at the volleyball final and cheered wildly, is our CEO Chris Koop. He issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed and perplexed that people continually to confuse me with the legend of Sabreman. Those of you in the community that know me, know that I would never wear tights, wear a wig and dance outlandishly in public. While I aspire to embody the characteristics of Sabreman, notably courage, confidence and bravado, I simply can not achieve that lofty goal. And let’s be honest, he’s got a pair of getaway sticks…yikes…I could eat with those chopsticks.”
–Chris Koop, CEO Chez Koop

We are proud to support the following sports teams in our community:
-Steinbach Pistons MJHL Hockey Team
-SRSS Varsity Boys Volleyball Team
-SRSS Varsity Boys Football Team
-Hanover Kickers U12 Soccer (Chez Koop Vipers)
-Steinbach Minor Hockey
-Southeast Blizzard AA Hockey Team
-Providence College Club Volleyball Teams
-Eastman Raiders Football Club