The BA in Office Attitude

Sometimes we wave our hands in the air like we don’t care…Grungy, gritty and grainy describe this t-shirt. This shirt is our Monday morning favourite. Deal with it. Can you? Wearing this garment you can. Complete with typos because it’s a fact of life. Deal with it!

Summer 4eva

As Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff said so eloquently…(circa 1991)
Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind


Honestly. What more needs to be said. Kindness is cool. Embrace it. Wear it. Belt it. Cinch it. Love it. Live it. Pretty simple. Not particularly clever. Overtly cool.

Covert Ops

Impress in this military grade t-shirt inspired by Cold War spy missions, Mossad secret assignments, KGB stealth operations and CIA nation building pursuits. Why? Because we’re dangerous.

The Sizzler

Harry Potter’s sister, Jennifer Potter once said “This needs more Sizzle”. We obliged then and are now allowing you to sizzle on your own. One pic of you in this t-shirt and your online profile is complete. Share your sizzle.

One of Those Days

What do you say when you stub your toe, spill your red wine on your white pants or can’t find your glasses? Well, there are many things not suitable for a tshirt. But how about “Jeeper Lillies” – the organizational mantra for when crap happens. Enjoy this PG-13 tshirt and tell the world that you have it all under control.

It’s 11 O’Clock Somewhere

Enjoy Happy Hour with your Chez’s Lounge t-shirt. Whether it’s a Manhattan, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or the quintessential rye and Pepsi, it will taste better when wearing this instant classic.

Forcing It

Unleash your inner BA and use the force to bend this world to your will. Channel your inner Darth Chezder and realize that when wearing this t-shirt, the force is strong with this one.