As the calendar year draws to a close, it is easy to reflect upon the last 365 days. I may actually do that at some point but the reality is that any business needs a break at some time during its formative years. My break came from the handsome guy you see below. My friend Duane has been a tireless supporter of all things Chez Koop and convinced the company he works for to enlist our services (well actually…”my” services – it was only me then) way back in circa 2006. Roadtrips is/was our first client and we still enjoy a large volume of work from them. But more importantly, it was this relationship that allowed me to showcase what we can do and really got the party started. I will always be grateful to this guy affectionately known as “Hot Pants”. In addition to the countless hours of design work, Duane has been my ┬ápartner (mostly platonic) when working for Roadtrips in my hosting capacity for Roadtrips. We have travelled/worked together on 6 different continents – so many memories…so many things I can’t talk about. But when we reflect about past years, I think the most important thing is to be thankful and show appreciation to those who have allowed you to be in a position to pontificate in the first place. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. All G.